Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Foothill Charter School: A Fresh Approach to Free Public Education

In 2013, 120 K-5 students will have the privilege of participating in a ground breaking experience, the inception of Foothill Charter School (FCS).  Starting in August, 2013, each student in FCS will have his or her potential discovered and nurtured. 

The staff will pursue every avenue to create the best learning experience for each individual student.  Families will be highly involved in every aspect of the school, including their child's education plan.  Professionals from the community will be invited to participate in this educational experience, thereby expanding our students' natural wonder for our beautiful county and world.

Foothill Charter School has already obtained the required number of parent signatures in order to submit its charter application.  We continue to collect signatures in order to confirm to ACUSD and the community that FCS is a wanted and needed institution in our county.  We are confident that student applications will exceed capacity for the classrooms.

The charter application for FCS has been submitted to Amador's school board.  As of yet, no discussions have occurred between the involved parties.  We at Foothill Charter hope that the board and community are inquisitive and open with their questions and concerns during the open public hearing at the school board meeting on Wednesday, July 25th at 6:30 PM in the County Administration Center in Jackson.

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