Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mountain Oaks: Thinking of Homeschooling?

This is the time of year when many families are evaluating how well their educational arrangements have been working for their children.

It might be the time to consider an alternative educational placement that more suits your child or teen.  Our precious children are only young once, and their experiences as young learners will affect their lives through their pursuit of educational and career choices.

If you are a parent who has a minimum of four hours daily M-F for your student's education, and the motivation and incentive to homeschool your child(ren), Mountain Oaks, may be the right choice for you.

Mountain Oaks is an accredited, K-12, public-funded (non-tuition) charter school . . .(from the website) " . . . about families . . . families who are making a personal decision to homeschool their children.  Mountain Oaks was established to provide support for homeschooling families with three resource centers, fully credentialed teachers and individualized curriculum.  Parents and students have the power to choose how to optimize their student's learning potential through innovative opportunities, varied curriculum and individualized support.  Each student is treated as a unique individual.  Mountain Oaks is a publicly-funded, tuition-free school!"

Over the past 18 years, Mountain Oaks School, has developed many features among which are:  a successful Academic Decathlon team for 9-12th graders; workshops for enrichment and core subject support; an athletic program; online classes available for 9-12th graders; underwater robotic competition; and various social and sharing events for the enhancement of community among the students.  There is also an abundant library rich with choices in curriculum and supplementary materials.  All mentor teachers are California credentialed with extensive experience in homeschooling models and the specific needs for those families.

In Amador County, our site is located in Ione.  We are accepting enrollments for fall of 2012.  Call (1-888-686-6257, ext. 2258, please leave a message) soon to have your place ensured for fall of 2012, or go to to complete an online "Interest Form" indicating you would like for someone to contact you.

1-888-MTN-OAKS (1-888-686-6257)

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