Saturday, August 25, 2012

Raley's Reach Nomination for "Sutter Creek Elementary"

 Sutter Creek Elementary School applied for and was accepted to the Raley's Reach competition. Voting opened on August 22nd and goes until August 31st.

Sutter Creek Elementary is up against much larger schools since we are in the Sacramento region. Is there anyway that you can blast the website link and voting information to the community? 

The winner is determined completely by community votes!

It is my understanding that the money from the award would almost completely fund the PE program for the year, or can be used to supplement  arts and music programs! The school is facing bigger budget cuts than last year (they have no aids and PE money is frozen for now, and possibly being cut altogether). So that on top of the lack of arts and music funding puts a big stress on the school and on its Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

Raley's Reach awards will decided by the community - so you'll want to promote your nomination to get as many votes as possible. Below is a link to your Raley's Reach webpage where visitors can vote for your nomination.

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