Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beginning Computer Classes - Feb 25, Mar 25 & Apr 22

Beginning Computer classes!

Only three more months of computer instruction are being offered, so if you're interested, register now!
               Email or call:  
            Bonnie Evans

The next classes are scheduled for:
        February 25th, Monday

Amador Senior Center, New York Ranch Road in Jackson
Each three hour course includes a 25 page manual;
the cost is $10 per workshop.

February 25th
9:00 AM - noon / True Beginner's Microsoft Word    We will start with basic computer and keyboard instruction and then introduce the Microsoft Word program (2007-2010).  The majority of this class will be on the "Home" tab (the "Page Layout" tab will be introduced.)  Don't take this class if you're already using the program as we are determined to move as slowly as needed to get true beginners comfortable with the layout of the program and the primary tools.  You can take this course with or without your laptop; I will have tables, chairs, and power cords for you to use.  The Senior Center does not have a computer lab. 

February 25th
1:00 - 4:00 PM / Microsoft Excel    Aintroductory course on Microsoft Excel (2007-2010) but computer confidence is a definite plus!  We will discuss the "Home"tab in detail and then introduce the "Page Layout" tab, "Formula" tab, and spend the last hour on charts and graphs.  We will only introduce math functions and offer one exercise to augment that explanation--we will not cover advance bookkeeping techniques!  This is a hands-on class and requires participants to bring their laptop to the course.  Topics will be introduced and then the group will work on an exercise; facilitator will help with questions and troubleshooting. 

On March 25th, Advanced Beginner Microsoft Word in the morning and Adobe Photoshop in the afternoon
April 22 will be the last two classes offered by this instructor! 

Sorry, can't take drop in participants ... you must pre-register!
Bonnie Evans

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