Tuesday, December 3, 2013

15 Years for Kids: First 5 Amador – Ready, Set, Grow!

First 5 has been investing in California’s young children for 15 years. Approved by voters in 1998, Proposition 10 builds on research showing investments in the first five years of life produce significant results for children – as future students, parents, and workers.
Research from varied disciplines, including neuroscience, child development, and economics, continues to show that children's earliest experiences -- both positive and adverse -- directly influence how their brains develop and whether they grow up healthy, prepared for school and successful later in life.
Locally, First 5 Amador has invested more than $5 million to create effective and essential services for our county's youngest residents.  Thanks to Proposition 10, which created First 5 commissions in every California county to respond to local needs and invest in local solutions, our children are getting a better start at life.
First 5 is transparent, accountable, and cost-effective with an emphasis on local control that allows each county to identify their particular needs to prioritize services for children.

Thank you to the many families, organizations, and individuals in Amador County that are part of the success of improving the lives of our youngest!

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