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Summer Courses Open For Enrollment at UC Davis Extension

UC Davis Extension
April 15, 2014

Dear Carol,

Jump start your summer by taking UC Davis Extension’s summer quarter courses, which are now open for enrollment. Make sure to browse through our Areas of Study to sign up for new courses and take advantage of early bird discounts.
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It’s not too late to enroll in spring quarter courses
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Amador Community College Foundation - Thurs Apr 17

Amador Community College Foundation
DATE: Thursday, April 17, 2014
LOCATION: 810 Court Street, Jackson, CA Conference Room #C
TIME: 2:30 PM Regular Meeting of ACCF

Discussion/Action Items

1) Public Comment: At this time the Board will hear comments from the public.

2) Organization: Discussion and Possible Action to Approve
a) Karen: report on bank balances.

3) Finance/Fundraising: Discussion and Possible Action to Approve
a) Wyman: report on gala planning

4) Curriculum Access: Discussion and possible action to approve
a) Michael: Update on Amador Learning Center
b) Frank/Wyman: report on conference attendance of the Town Hall at the Community College Chancellor’s office re the Online Education Initiative
c) Janice: update on College Information Night
d) Cathy: update on tutoring program

5) Partnerships: Discussion and Possible Action to Approve
a) Frank: IPTV Channel space for the Amador Community College Foundation
b) John: Partnership with ACOE for Early College Initiative
6) Marketing: Discussion and Possible Action to Approve

Committee Member Initiatives (Non agenda items reported/Suggested by members)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

First 5 Amador April 2014 Newsletter

April 2014  
-Week  of the Young Child
-Child Abuse Prevention Month  
Upcoming Events 
Saturday, April 5 
Ridge Road Garden Center 
Call to reserve a spot. 257-1092
Science and the Outdoor Classroom
Thursday, April 10, 6:30-8:30pm
975 Broadway, Jackson 
Call 223-1624, ext. 208 to RSVP

 Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Understanding Childhood Trauma
Thursday, April 17 and 24,6:30-8:30pm
975 Broadway, Jackson
Call 223-1624, ext. 208 to RSVP
 16th Annual Celebrate Our Children
Saturday, April 26th, 11:00am-2:00pm
Argonaut High School, Jackson
Commission Meeting 
Monday, April 28, 10:00am
975 Broadway, Jackson

Kindergarten Bridge Program
Mondays-Thursdays, 8:00-11:30am
June 16 - July 3
At all 6 elementary schools in Amador County. 

For more listings, please visit our Calendar.

Spring is Here! 
Let's Get Outdoors 

Time to take the play outdoors, here are some simple ideas for getting outside this spring:
  • Splash in some puddles.
  • Fly a kite at the park.
  • Have a picnic.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt.
  • Play outdoor hide and seek.
  • Blow bubbles.
  • Literally stop and smell the flowers.
  • Stare at the clouds and guess their shapes.
  • Play a game of catch
  • Grab the binoculars and see what kinds of birds you can spot.
  • Play I-Spy.
  • Hit the playground!

First 5  ~ Celebrating 15 Years!

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Volume 41
News & Announcements

Child Abuse Prevention Month 
Child abuse and neglect is 100% preventable: we all share in the responsibility to help keep kids safe.

First 5 Amador would like to take this opportunity to share resources made available through theCalifornia Child Abuse Prevention Center that help promote the health and well-being of children and their families.

They share that, "Research tells us that what children learn through their early interactions with parents and caregivers becomes the foundation for all future development. While safe, nurturing relationships and stimulating, stable environments improve brain development and child well-being, neglectful or abusive experiences and unstable, stressful environments increase the odds of poor outcomes."

In addition they have provided the following statistics and data on child abuse:
  • Throughout the United States a report of child abuse is made every ten seconds.
  • Nationally almost five children die every day as a result of child abuse in the home. More than three out of four are under the age of four years old.
  • National research suggests that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are subjected to some form of sexual abuse by the 18 years of age.
  • More than 30% of sexually abused child victims never disclose the experience to others.
    90% of child sexual abuse victims know the perpetrator in some way.
  • Abuse is seldom a one-time incident. Once a child is abused, incidents are often repeated over periods of months and years, especially if the offender is known to the child or other family members.
  • Child abuse occurs at every socioeconomic level, across ethnic and cultural lines, within all religions and at all levels of education.
  • Many times, physical abuse is a result of excessive discipline or physical punishment that is inappropriate for the child's age, often when a parent loses control.
Their website provides valuable resources for parents, families, caregivers and anyone working with children and families.

For example, here are 5 steps you can take:
  • If you work with children in any capacity obtain Mandated Child Abuse Reporting training to learn about the risk factors and warning signs of child abuse (check with the Child Abuse Prevention Council in your area for training opportunities).
  • Report child abuse & neglect when you become aware of it or suspect it.
  • Get involved! Volunteer your time at community agencies that promote positive supportive services for families (libraries, community resource centers, non-profit agencies that work with families and children).
  • Conduct outreach activities in the community to raise awareness about support agencies for families.
  • Ensure families are equipped with the resources, support and tools necessary to be successful parents and caregivers within their community.
Two additional resources are below. Click on them to print:

Speak up for a child. By recognizing and building on existing strengths, we can support all families and communities in providing positive and healthy environments for children.
Program Spotlight

Week of the Young Child    
Celebrate Our Children

The Week of the Young Child™ is an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The purpose of the Week of the Young Child™ is to focus public attention on the needs of young children and their families and to recognize the early childhood programs and services that meet those needs. The 2014 Week of the Young Child™ is April 6-12.

We are celebrating Week of the Young Child locally at our 16th annual event from 11am to 2pm...rain or shine, at Argonaut High School (501 Argonaut Lane, Jackson).  

FREE food & Fun! FREE admission! Bring the family! FREE crafts,  games, and oral health screenings. This year Amador Transit will be providing free bus service from the following elementary schools: Plymouth, Ione, Pioneer, and Pine Grove. See below for the departure times. 

Please click HERE to print out the flyer. 

First 5 Amador supports and designs programs for
children 0-5 years old and their families.

For more information please visit our website:
or call us at (209) 257-1092.
As a parent, you are your child's first & most important teacher!
Save money on books for your children--get them for free!  Sign your child up today and start receiving one free book a month from the Imagination Library.  This is a free program, available to all Amador County children 0-4 (from birth until their fifth birthday). 
All you have to do is read to your child!
For more information click here.

Your Write Hands Presents: Basic Computer Training - Photos from Camera to Computer - Apr 21, 24 & 26