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First 5 Amador - March 2015

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Investing in Our Youngest Children 
Healthy Social, Emotional & Physical Development 
Early Learning * Quality Care * Family Support
March 2015
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Grief and Loss Group for parents who have lost a pregnancy or infant.
Wednesday, Mar. 18  

Kick Off to Kindergarten
Jackson - Feb. 24
Plymouth (6:15-7:15pm) - Feb. 26
Pine Grove - Mar. 3
Ione - Mar. 5
Sutter Creek - Mar. 10
Pioneer - Mar. 12 

Saturday, Mar. 28, 10:00-noon
Call 257-1092 to save your spot. 

Behavior Strategies in the Home
Tuesday, Mar. 31st
975 Broadway, Jackson

Children's Story Time
Amador County Library
Wednesdays, 10:30am,  
Jackson Library 

1st, 3rd & 5th Mondays: CamancheLake Community Center
2nd & 4th Mondays: PlymouthPentacostal Church
Tuesdays: Kennedy Meadow Apartments, Jackson
Wednesdays: Ione Memorial Hall 
Thursdays: Upcountry Community Center, Pine Grove 

For other events, please visit our Calendar.  
For a list of community 
resources, please visit ourResources Page
  Baby Basics   
Did You Know?

Did you know about First 5 Amador's Baby Basics program? This program collects items such as diapers, baby wipes, baby food, & baby products (shampoo, wash, lotion) for infants and toddlers in Amador County.  (Please note, all items must be new and in their original packaging.)

Collection boxes are placed at multiple locations throughout the county.  We are happy to announce that the Katharine Drexel Center in Martell is our newest location. Other locations include the First 5 Amador Office and Faith Lutheran Church - Pioneer. If your business or organization would like to provide a collection box at your location, please give us a call, 257-1092.
All donated items will be distributed to families through the following agencies/locations:
-Interfaith Food Bank
-ATCAA's Homeless Shelter
-The Pregnancy Help Center
-Operation Care's Domestic Violence Shelter

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Play is the Highest form of Research
(According to Albert Einstein anyway...)       

10 Things Every Parent Should Know about Play
by Laurel Bongiorno

1.  Children learn through their play.
Don't underestimate the value of play. Children learn and develop:
*cognitive skills - like math & problem solving in a pretend grocery store  
*physical abilities - like balancing blocks and running on the playground  
*new vocabulary - like the words they need to play with toy dinosaurs *social skills - like playing together in a pretend car wash
*literacy skills - like creating a menu for a pretend restaurant

2. Play is healthy.
Play helps children grow strong and healthy. It also counteracts obesity issues facing many children today.     

3. Play reduces stress.
Play helps your children grow emotionally. It is joyful and provides an outlet for anxiety and stress.     

4. Play is more than meets the eye.
Play is simple and complex.  There are many types of play: symbolic, sociodramatic, functional, and games with rules--to name just a few. Researchers study play's many aspects:  how children learn through play, how outdoor play impacts children's health, the effects of screen time on play, to the need for recess in the school day.     

5. Make time for play. 
As parents, you are the biggest supporters of your children's learning. You can make sure they have as much time to play as possible during the day to promote cognitive, language, physical, social, and emotional development.         

6. Play and learning go hand-in-hand. 
They are not separate  activities. They are intertwined. Think about them as a science lecture with a lab. Play is the child's lab.     

7. Play outside. 
Remember your own outdoor experiences of building forts, playing on the beach, sledding in the winter, or playing with other children in the neighborhood. Make sure your children create outdoor memories too.

8. There's a lot to learn about play.
There's a lot written on children and play. Here are some NAEYC articles and books about play. David Elkind's The Power of Play (Da Capo, 2007 reprint) is also a great resource.     

9. Trust your own playful instincts.
Remember as a child how play just came naturally? Give your children time for play and see all that they are capable of when given the opportunity.     

10. Play is a child's context for learning. 
Children practice and reinforce their learning in multiple areas during play. It gives them a place and a time for learning that cannot be achieved through completing a worksheet. For example, in playing restaurant, children write and draw menus, set prices, take orders, and  make out checks.  Play provides rich learning opportunities and leads to children's success and self-esteem.

Learn more about Laurel Bongiorno, PhD, and the National Association for the Education of Young Children - Promoting Excellence in Early Childhood Education
Program Spotlight
Toddler Playgroups!

Toddler Playgroups
The Mobile Outreach - Toddler Playgroup program consists of weekly "playgroups" in four locations throughout Amador County.
The program was designed to provide services in multiple  areas of the county. Each playgroup consists of a mobile-classroom with age-appropriate activities, child development information, and resources for parents. Two different First 5 grantees - Natalie Ostergaard, and Nexus Youth and Family Services - provide the equipment, materials and expertise.
Playgroups are open to all stay at home children 0-5 and their caregiver, grandparent, mom or dad & licensed caregivers. Playgroups follow the Amador County Unified School District's Calendar.  

All Playgroups run from 9:30-11:30am on the following weekdays at the given locations:

Mondays - Camanche & Plymouth
1st, 3rd, & 5th Mondays:  
Camanche Lake Community Center, 4419 North Camanche Parkway, Unit #2 
2nd & 4th Mondays: 
Plymouth Pentecostal Church , 18519 Poplar Street, Plymouth    

Tuesdays - Jackson
Kennedy Meadow Apartments, 701 New York Ranch Road  

Wednesdays - Ione 
Memorial Hall, 207 South Amador Street   

Thursdays - Pine Grove 
Upcountry Community Center , 19386 Highway 88

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First 5 Amador supports and designs programs for 
children 0-5 years old and their families.
For more information please visit our website:
or call us at (209) 257-1092

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As a parent, you are your child's first & most important teacher!
Save money on books for your children--get them for free!  Sign your child up today and start receiving one free book a month from the Imagination Library.  This is a free program, available to all Amador County children 0-4 (from birth until their fifth birthday). 
All you have to do is read to your child! 
For more information click here.

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