Friday, May 29, 2015

Help Dahkota Brown and NERDS 2015 Summer School Courses!

14 Students graduating this JUNE thanks to our summer school last year. Please HELP the 25 NEW students in NEED NOW!!!
All Donations are deposited to NERDS fiscal partner:
Amador Community Foundation and are 'Tax Deductible' !
Our Non-Profit # 68-0447992  

We are now collecting funds to help our 3rd Summer School Program which to date, boosts a 100% success rate! GOAL:  2015 Summer School Courses

$13,300.00 is needed to provide 50 semester courses worth 5 credits through BYU HS.  This amount includes the courses @ $150.00 each, 1 tutor to oversee the program, nutrition for students, and supplies needed.  These courses are needed to ensure students who have failed required courses needed to graduate can make them up enabling them to graduate in June of 2016 with their class. There are NO free summer school programs offered..without these, often students are moved to continuation or indep study programs where they fail to complete them.  We are expecting more than 25 students this year.

 The mission of NERDS is to decrease the dropout rate of Native American high school students through peer-to-peer mentoring focused on improving grades and making up required credits. To date, NERDS has a 100% success rate in enabling students to graduate. The programming includes 7th-12th grade in study sessions, peer-led talking circles, cultural gatherings, and engagement with positive, sober, educated role models. A great majority of the students we help are living with special needs that label them “at-risk” and often prevent them from gaining admission to college or being hired by employers. We provide them the opportunity to remain in school, succeed, graduate and assist them in plans for their future.

Our 2nd Summer School 2014 was SUCCESSFUL!  14 students finished w/ C's or better and the Sr.'s will now graduate with their class.

In Summer 2013,  5 high school students completed make up credits otherwise not offered by their school district. All 5 were successful and 4 graduated with their class. The 5th, is currently entering his Sr. year and will graduate after taking more classes this summer. *Student DM had failed classes, every year, since 7th grade. In 9th grade he failed 5 and in 10th grade he failed 9 more plus failed the Calif. HS exit exam - he then joined NERDS and made up credits, passed the exit exam and passed 11th grade without failing any classes! He is involved with community service and serving others often now as well as encouraging other underclassmen to work hard and not make the same mistakes he did. His GPA was avg. .077 and is now a 2.7!

Please help the Native students in NERDS reach a brighter future and see people believe in them.

Thank You

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