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CPU On-site Computer Classes scheduled in April

Internet Safety Class - April 1
Basic Computer Skills - April 4,5 & 6
Personal Data Backup for 2017 - April 20

All courses include a FREE 90 day access to our
CPU Computers exclusive Website Training Portal.
View your lessons online for 90 days following completion of the class for reinforced learning.

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First 5 Amador - March 2017

As a parent, you are your child's first and most important teacher!
Ready ... Set ... Grow!
March 2017
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Upcoming Events

6:00-7:00pm at each elementary school: 
Jackson - January 18 
Ione - January 31 
Sutter Creek - February 15 
Pine Grove - March 29
Pioneer - March 30
Plymouth - April 6  
Call if you need child care, 257-1092.

Wednesday, March 225:30-8:00pm
975 Broadway, Jackson 
Call to reserve by March 20, 2017, (209) 223-­-1624, ext. 201 
A light dinner will be provided Child Care for children ages 2-­-12 yrs. (RSVP required).
Saturday, March 25, 10:00am-12:00pm
Call 257-1092 to save your spot!

Celebrate Our Children
Saturday, April 22, 11:00am - 2:00pm
Argonaut High School, rain or shine!

Summer Bridge Program
Monday, June 12 - Thursday, June 29.
8:00am - 11:30 at each elementary school.
Click here for all the details and to print out an enrollment form.

Third Wednesday each month, 6:00-7:30pm
Sophia's Wel, 270 A Hanford Street, Sutter Creek. 
Call 256-3691 or 257-1092 for more information. 
Playgroups follow the ACUSD calendar.
Click for the schedule of times and locations.

For more listings, please visit our Calendar.
March is ... 
Read Aloud Month
15 minutes every day!
Family Reading
There is an easy way to improve your child's chances at school. It will entertain and delight them. It will strengthen the bonds between them and you. And it is virtually free. Sound too good to be true? Actually, it isn't. The magical method: taking time to read aloud to your child.
In an era of high-stakes testing and education reforms and revolutions, research has repeatedly proved that one simple parenting technique is among the most effective. Children who are read aloud to by parents get a head start in language and literacy skills and go to school better prepared.
"Reading aloud to young children, particularly in an engaging manner, promotes emerging literacy and language development and supports the relationship between child and parent," concludes a review in this month's Archives of Disease in Childhood.
In other words, reading that bedtime story may not only entertain and soothe Johnny, it may also develop his vocabulary, improve his ability to learn to read, and - perhaps most important - foster a lifelong love of books and reading.

Developing that passion for reading is crucial, according to Jim Trelease, author of the best-seller, "The Read-Aloud Handbook." "Every time we read to a child, we're sending a 'pleasure' message to the child's brain," he writes in the "Handbook." "You could even call it a commercial, conditioning the child to associate books and print with pleasure."
This reading "commercial" is critical when competition for a child's attention is so fierce. Between television, movies, the Internet, video games and myriad after-school activities, the pleasures of sitting down with a book are often overlooked. In addition, negative experiences with reading - whether frustrations in learning to read or tedio
That can have long-term consequences. As Mr. Trelease succinctly puts it in his handbook, "Students who read the most, read the best, achieve the most, and stay in school the longest. Conversely, those who don't read much, cannot get better at it."
Reading aloud is, according to the landmark 1985 report "Becoming a Nation of Readers," "the single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading."
Despite this advice, however, some educators and many parents don't read aloud to children from a young age and thus fail to nurture avid and skilled readers. Indeed, this is especially true for children in low-income families. According to the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics, only 48 percent of families below the poverty level read to their preschoolers each day, compared with 64 percent of families whose incomes were at or above the poverty level. Children from low-income families are also less likely to have exposure to print materials.
Groups such as Reach Out and Read (ROR), however, are working to combat this problem. The Boston-based non-profit extols the virtues of reading aloud to parents when children go to their check-ups at the pediatrician's or family physician's office. The group also helps provide reading materials for families of lesser means. And ROR has been remarkably successful: "Studies which examined language in young children found an association between the ROR intervention and statistically significant improvements in preschool language scores, a good predictor of later literacy success," its website reports. 
The good news for families is that this sage piece of parenting wisdom is
easy to follow. Reading aloud to your child requires only a book - free, with a library card - and your willingness to spend a little quality time with your child. And while the sacrifices to read aloud are few, the benefits are many: Your child may learn to read better, think better, imagine more richly, and become a passionate and lifelong reader. More than these long-term benefits, however, are some more immediate: The pleasures of spending time with your child and sharing the enjoyment of a good book.

Thank you to the Read Aloud nonprofit for sharing this valuable article!

And... a great way to make reading to your young child even easier: get a free book in the mail EVERY month up until their fifth birthday - click HERE to learn all about Dolly Parton's Imagination Library!!
Dad and Me Every Month!

Celebrate being a dad (or uncle, or grandpa...) every month at our Dad and Me outings, held at fun venues around the county on the fourth Saturday from 10:00am-12:00pm.

This month Celebrate Spring with a visit to the Ridge Road Garden Center. Spend a fun morning outdoors learning how to care for plants, plant your very own flower or vegetable plant to take home, and enjoy story time, snacks, and bring home a free book. Click here for the flyer with all of the information. And call 257-1092 to reserve your spot! 
When It's More Than the Blues
Maternal Wellness
We are excited to share with you a new radio series on Maternal Wellness presented by the Amador - Calaveras Perinatal Wellness Coalition.

On the first Wednesday of every month tune into KVGC Radio 96.5FM - 1340 AM for interviews and discussion about becoming a new parent and welcoming a baby into your life.

Sometimes being a new parent can be more of a struggle than one would have expected. This show will give valuable insight and information to cope with the many responsibilities and sometimes difficult emotions of becoming a new parent.

All episodes will be available on First 5 Amador's website, as well as here on our Facebook page, as they broadcast. Click the link HERE for episode number 1!

potter the otter
readingtipsQUICK TIPS of the MONTH 

Rethink Your Drink  
March 20-24
Hello, I am Potter the Otter. I love to drink water and I want you to love to drink water too!

Did you know? The average 4-5 year old child consumes 17 teaspoons of added sugar a day - which amount to 65 pounds of added sugar a year. The majority of a children's add sugar intake comes from fruit juices, high-fat desserts, soft drinks and candy.
  • Check the label and remember the number 4!
  • Figure out how much sugar is in a drink or food can be tricky.
  • Here's a tip: Grams of sugar ÷ 4 = Teaspoons of Sugar
  • For example: for a 20 ounce soda: 69g of sugar ÷ 4 = 17 teaspoons of sugar
Here are Potter the Otter's Tips for Healthy Kids:
  • Drink water
  • exercise
  • Serve water and skim milk during meal and snack time
  • Reward children with non-food items
  • Limiting 100% juice to 4-6 ounces per day
Instead of artificially sweetened drinks, Potter the Otter encourages you to drink water. And we have found some great ways to make water lots of fun! Fresh fruit infused waters are easy to make. Slice up some fruit, veggies, or herbs & place them in a pitcher, add cold water, and chill for a few hours. Pour over ice, garnish with a piece of fruit and
enjoy. Some fruits you might want to try alone or in combination with other fruits:
orange, pineapple, lemon,mango, lime, cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries,raspberries, blueberries, or blackberries
Click here for some great infused water recipes!
   ILibaryCalling all children 0 to 5 years of age.   
Join Amador's favorite reading club!
Imagination Library Logo
Over 800 Amador kids and counting! Get free books for your children! Sign your child up today and start receiving one free book every month from the Imagination Library! This is a free program, available to all Amador County children aged 0-4 (from birth until their 5th birthday).
All you have to do is read to your child!   
For more information click here. 
It's Our Job as Adults to Keep Kids Safe

Stay up to date on all the news and information about keeping our kids safe from abuse and neglect. Sign up for the Amador Child Abuse Prevention Council's monthly e-newsletter HERE!
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PO Box 815 / 975 Broadway | Jackson, CA 95642
First 5 Amador supports and designs programs for children 0-5 years old and their Families. 
For more information call us at (209) 257-1092, visit our website,and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
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Thursday, March 2, 2017

CPU On-site Computer Classes scheduled in March

Basic Computer Skills - Mar 7,8,9
Windows 10 Introduction - March 10
Windows 10 Intermediate - March 11
File and E-mail Organization - March 22

All courses include a FREE 90 day access to our CPU Computers exclusive Website Training Portal.
View your lessons online for 90 days following completion of the class for reinforced learning.

To register, visit: