Friday, June 16, 2017

Live-streamed Fall classes from Shasta College begin on August 14. Enroll today!

Fall college classes offered in Amador are announced live streamed from Shasta College. Call Amador College Connect at 217-8239 to enroll. Fall semester starts August 14th!

Fall 2017 iTV College Classes in Amador
General Information:
  • Courses are interactive, live-streamed at the ACTC Video Conference Center in Sutter Creek; Students must attend at the designated times.
  • High School juniors and seniors may enroll and are not required to pay the $46 per unit fee.
  • Some classes are “Hybrid” courses meeting once per week with the remaining work done online.
  • **Denotes CSU transferrable units
BUAD 120- Starting a Small Business-The Entrepreneur (1 unit) (F 12:00P-12:50P)
EDUC 001- Introduction to Education and Teaching (3 units) (W 10:30A-11:45A)
HEOC 110- Medical Terminology (3 units) (MW 1:30P-2:45P) Pending Approval: Contact Amador College Connect for status.
HUM 002- Exploring the Humanities (3 units) (MW 12:00P-1:15P) **
HUM 004- Humanities Through the Film (3 units) (TTH 4:30P-5:45P) **
NUTR 025- Nutrition (3 units) (MW 3:00P-4:15P) **
PSYC 001A- General Psychology (3 units) (T 11:30A-12:45P) **
PSYC 015- Social Psychology (3 units) (W 4:30P-5:45P) **
SOC 001- Introduction to Sociology (3 units) (F 9:00A-11:50A) **
THTR 001- Introduction to Theatre Arts (3 units) (TTH 2:00P-3:15P) ** Pending Approval: Contact Amador College Connect for Status

For detailed information including complete course description and prerequisites, please call Amador College Connect at 209-217-8239! If you have questions, or to begin the enrollment process contact Rachelle at 209-217-8239 or

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